BJM Carmel Class 2nd First Term   Model Examination Paper

Subject :- English

Q1. Write Opposite words of

Big ……………..             

Here ……………….. 

Up …………………….. 


Come ………………….. 

 Little ……………………

More ……………….

Longer …………………….. 

 After ……………….


Mother ………………

Q 2. Write the Rhyming words of


Like ……………..

Toy …………            

Mice ………………. 

Pink ………….   





Q 3 . Write the past tense of

Do _________ 









Q 4. Fill in the blanks 

( big apple tree, one’s for me, up and down, wolf, pigs, pink ,rude, looking, mirror, mirror, room, wearing, T-shirt )

  1. The two pigs saw a _______
  2. The big pig says, “one is for you and ________
  3. The _______went up the tree.
  4. The wolf went——- on the tree.
  5. The——— ran with the apples. 
  6. The girl always see a face in the ———
  7. The face is round and  ———–
  8. It is very ———– to stare. 
  9. What can she be  _______ at
  10. She is wearing a pink ______
  11. She is wearing ______ slippers.
  12. She is holding a red _____
  13. She is ________

Q5. Match the words to their meanings

trick                                         move quickly off the ground

up and down                           something that you do which is not true

jump                                        moving upwards and downward

note                                         to breathe in deeply

crawling                                 moving forward with hands and legs

wretched                                 sick or unhappy

yawned                                    writing on a paper

nibbled                                    a surface or an area

edge                                        to take small bites

Q6 . Write the shelter of the given animal and plants.

Dog _____________              Fish_________________                   Lion______________

Monkey__________               Hen_________________                   Birf_______________

Fox______________              Cow_________________                   Horse_____________


Q7. Write the words which have similar pronunciation.

There___________                 Bear____________                None_____________

Deer_____________              Rein_____________              Sun______________

Weak____________               Won_____________               Right_____________

Q8 Complete each sentence with an ordeal Number.

  • ______________ Is the first day of week
  • _______________is the first month of year
  • Monday is the _________________ second day of week
  • Tuesday is the______________ day of the week
  • ___________ is the third month of the year
  • February is the ___________ Second month of the year
  • Wednesday is the ____________fourth day of the week
  • October is the ____________ month of year
  • ___________ is the sixth months of the year
  • Saturday is the ____________- day of the week

Q9  Write there nouns in the plural form

Lion________________                    Bush_________________

Shelf_________________                  Day_________________

Gas____________________              Boy_______________

Dog_______________________       City________________

Man_______________________       Circus_______________

roof _____________                          hat________________


toy_________________________     girl_______________



Q 10 complete the phrases from the box

  • the ___ _____________of the jug
  • the ____ _________of aeroplane
  • The _______________of a nail
  • The _________________ of a shoes
  • The ______ __________of a chair
  • The ______ __________of a door
  • The ______ ____________of a glove
  • The _______ ___________of a comb
  • The ___________________ of a bottle
  • The ______ ___________of a wathch
  • The ______ _____________of a needle
  • The ______ _____________of a mountain

Q11 . Find from bracket the feminine gender of the following

  • Lion
  • Uncle
  • Sir
  • Bull
  • Father
  • Boy
  • Dog
  • Cock
  • Man
  • Nephew

Q12 Put a or an with the following

  1. __ ______Oak
  2. _________Owl
  3. __________Cow
  4. _________Book
  5. __ ______Horse
  6. __ _____Eagle
  7. _________ Insect
  8. _________ Player
  9. __ _______Child
  10. ——______duck
  11. ———-_____apple
  12. ————-monkey

Q 13 Complete words with ou or ow

  1. __ ___      l
  2. T_ _ er
  3. C l _ _  d
  4. H_ _ s e
  5. S h _ _ e r
  6. C l _ _ d
  7. M _ _ s e
  8. F l _ _  e r   

Q14. Write each noun under the correct heading ( noun and pronoun)

Kite, Tom, Leena, milk, Rain, David,  horse, Agra, doll, cow, man, Mary,

Q15 .  write the sentence by changing gender of noun.

  • May I come in sir?


  • Her father is a teacher



  • The prince was a horse


  • The boy is my nephew



  • The king was very hungry


  • That man is a good actor



  • That bridegroom is my uncle


  • Who is the hero in this film

Q16. Pick out The name that is different

  • Cat Camel Cow Tree
  • Hat apple coat shirt frock
  • Chair table teacher chalk desk
  • Fish firmer tailor cobbler fisherman
  • Apple barber orange banana mango
  • Monday Tuesday January Saturday Friday

Q17 write the sentence in plural

  • The doll is a toy


  • Fly is an insect



  • A noun is a word


  • A rose is a flower



  • An eagle is a bird


  • A wife is a woman



  • An ass is an animal


  • A husband is a man



  • A city is a big town


  • A dog is a good friend



  • A watch is a small clock

Q18 answer the following question.

  • Who thinks ‘If I were an Apple”?


  • What would fall down on a boy?



  • Have you seen an apple tree? Describe it in two lines.


  • What would you do?



  1. If you were a bird.


  1. b) If you were a lion.


  1. c) If you were a train.


  • Who saw the big tree?


  • Who could get the apples?



  • What trick did the big pig play to get the apples?


  • What did the wolf do on the tree?



  • What happens to the apples?


  • Do you like to eat apples?


  • Does little birdie want to fly away?


  • What does Mother tell the little birdie?



  • Does little birdie fly away at once?


  • Till when does little birdie rest?



  • What did Alice do to make herself grow taller or shorter?


  • What did Alice find at the doorway?



  • Which piece of mushroom did Alice eat?


  • What happened to her after eating the piece of mushroom?


  • What was the shape of the mushroom?



  • Where is the mirror?


  • What does the girl see in the mirror?



  • What is the shape of the face?


  • Where are the girl’s eyes always?



  • Where does Tommy look for his T-shirt?


  • Does he find his T-shirt?



  • What is Tina doing?


  • What is Kim doing?
  • How does his T-shirt look?


  • Do you keep your things in right places?



  • What does T stands for on the dress?


  • Do yo know the reason why Tina and Kim could not tell



  • Tommy he was wearing the T-shirt.


  • What do you say when you feel sad?



  • What do you sing when you feel happy?

Que :- write five lines on my mother