Chapter1 Safety  and First Aid

Que 1:- Answer in detail 

Que:- List some safety measures to follow to prevent fire acciedent 

Answer:- i) After a matchstick is used it should be extinguished before it is thrown away

ii) Kerosene should be stored in air – tight container away from fire and heat

iii) Synthetic clothes should be avoided while working in the kitchen

iv) Fire Crackers should be lighted only under the supervision of elders

v) Electrical connections should be checked regularly.

Que:- what kind of First aid should be given for cobra bite?

Answer:- i) In case of a cobra bite, the spread of venon needs to be stopped through the blood

ii) movement of the body causes the venom to spread

iii) Hence the person should not be moved too much .

iv) let the patient lie down in such a way that the bitten part is well below the level of the heart

v) the patient should be taken to the hospital at the earliest and given anti-venom injection.

Que 2) Answer in brief

1) What steps should be taken when a person’s clothes catch fire?

Answer:- When a person’s clothes catches fire, throw water on them to put out fire. If water is not available , wrap the person in a blankets, coat, or curtain to put out the fire. This helps to  to cut out the supply of air, roll the person on the ground . Remove the clots as soon as the fire is put out

2) How are burns caused ? How can minor burns be treated at home?

Answer:_ Burns can be caused by fires, boiling liquid, steam, chemical, crackers. Minor burns can be treated by allowing clean cold water to run over the affected area and by applying an antiseptic cream.

Que :- Give reasons

1) water not be used to put out fires caused by petrol or electricity ?

Answer:- water not be used to put fires caused by petrol because it floats on water and caused the fire to spread. Water should also not be used for putting out fires caused by electric gadgets as it can causes an electric shock.

2) A person with a nosebleed breathes through the mouth until bleeding stop.

Answer: – The blood in the persons nose may enter their windpipe and choke them if the breath through their nose. So, a person with a nose blead breath through the mouth until bleeding stop.

Answer in one sentence 

1) what is first aid?

Answer:- first aid is the immediate help that is given to an injured or sick person.

2) what is fire extinguisher?

Answer :- fire extinguisher are device that contain chemicals that usually give out either carbon dioxide or some other gas foam.

3) what is sprain?

Answer:- An injured that occurs when the ankle or wrist get twisted.

Give one word for the following.

1) A deadly disease caused by germs entering the body through deep ails / wound

Answer:- Tetanus

2) Bubbles on the skin caused by burning.

Answer :- Blisters.

3) A medicines that stop the growth of germs or kill the germ.

Answer:- Antibiotics.

4) A poisonous substance that is injected into the body by snakes.

Answer:- Venom

5) The lursting of joint

Answer:- Sprain

Que 6 Define

1) Antibiotic:-

A medicine that stops the growth of germs or kill the germs

2) Antiseptic :-

A substance that prevents the growth of germs is called antiseptic.

3) First Aid :-

the immediate help given to an injured or sick person is called first aid.