Robin Hood Textbook Solution 


Mark these sentences as true (T) or not true (NT)

1) Robin’s family had taught him to tease women (NT)

2) The Sheriff was a fair man  (T)

3) Robin was adventurous (T)

4) The young man hiding in the forest had committed a crime (T)

5) Robin was a good leader. (T)


A) Complete these sentences with could, may, will or might

1) Even when I was younger, I could never wake up early in the morning.

2) The windows of the car are so dirty that I Could never see the road through them !

3) you may go home now, but will you come a little early tomorrow ?

4) The children might complete the exam soon, but the teacher will not let them leave the room before the bell rings!

5) That Could be my neighbour __ her keys are with me.


A. Match the words with their two meanings




a) very small or tiny

b) a unit of time


a) show the way or direction

b) a heavy, soft, grey metal


a) a small hole or rip in somethings; to pull something apart by using force

b) not recorded earlier, but heard or watched as it happens


a) to bend to show someone respect

b) something used to shoot arrows


a) have your home in a particular place

b) not recorded earlier, but heard or watched as it happens

B) Complete these sentence using the correct words from the box

1) Tear this sheet of paper into ten small pieces.

2) We saw the world cup final live on television

3)I am planning to sow sunflower seeds in my garden.

4) Medha is going to Varun’s house to word on her History Project

5) Did you remember to  wind the old clock in the bedroom?


Complete these words with -sion or -tion.

1) recitation

2) revision

3) competition

4) permission

5) Connection

6) Division

Listen to the words and complete them using -ous or -ious

1) famous

2) precious

3) nervous

4) anxious

5) enormous

6) serious

7) jealous

8) Curious

Answer the question

1) Describe the fair that Robin  went to .

Answer:- Robin went to fair where he saw tight rope walkers, magician, men on stilts and food stall.

2) what happened at the fair ?

Answer:- At the fair some boys disrespected girl. So Robin was angry and started argument with boys. This argument converted into physical fight and all the food stall were thrown upside-down and food was spilled everywhere.

3) Why did Robin have to hide ?

Answer:- Robin have to hide because after the physical fight the boys escaped but Robin was confused and stayed back . There Sheriff had arrested him and he was imprisoned . So Robin escaped from the jail and hide in Sherwood Forest.

4) Who joined Robin in Sherwood Forest ?

Answer:-  The young man joined Robin in the forest. Very soon, other young man  also joined Robin, Robin Hood and his fearless band of merry men became famous as champions of these in trouble and in need.

5) what did Robin’s band of men plan to do ?

Answer:- Robin’s band of men plan to take money from rich people and give to poor people.