chapter 5 electrochemistry class 12 chemistry textbook solution

1. Choose the most correct option.

vi. Consider the half reactions with standard potentials
i. Ag⊕ (aq) + e →Ag (s) E0 = 0.8V

ii. I2 (s) + 2e→ 2I (aq) E0 = 0.53V
iii. Pb2⊕ (aq) + 2e → Pb (s) E0 = -0.13V
iv. Fe2⊕ (aq) + 2e →Fe (s) E0 = – 0.44V

The strongest oxidising and reducing agents respectively are
a. Ag and Fe2⊕

b. Ag⊕ and Fe

c. Pb2⊕ and I

d. I2 and Fe2⊕


b. Ag⊕ and Fe

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