chapter 5 electrochemistry class 12 chemistry textbook solution

2. Answer the following in one or two sentence

vi. Write Nerst equation. What part of it represents the correction factor for nonstandard state conditions ?

Answer:- 1) For any general reaction, \(aA + bB \rightarrow cC + dD\) The Nernst equation is given by:
\[E_{\text{cell}} = E_{\text{cell}}^\circ - \frac{RT}{nF} \ln \left(\frac{[C]^c [D]^d}{[A]^a [B]^b}\right)\]
\[E_{\text{cell}} = E_{\text{cell}}^\circ - \frac{2.303RT}{nF} \log_{10} \left(\frac{[C]^c [D]^d}{[A]^a [B]^b}\right)\]
Where: - \(n\) = moles of electrons used in the reaction - \(F\) = Faraday constant (\(96500 \, \text{C}\)) - \(T\) = temperature in Kelvin - \(R\) = gas constant (\(8.314 \, \text{J K}^{-1} \text{mol}^{-1}\)) 2) The second term in the Nernst equation accounts for nonstandard state conditions. The correction factor is: \[\frac{2.303RT}{nF} \log_{10} \left(\frac{[C]^c [D]^d}{[A]^a [B]^b}\right)\]

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