chapter 5 electrochemistry class 12 chemistry textbook solution

4. Answer the following :

xii. Identify oxidising agents and arrange them in order of increasing strength
under standard state conditions. The standard potentials are given in parenthesis.
Al (-1.66V), Al3⊕(-1.66V),Cl2
(1.36V), Cd2⊕(-0.4V), Fe(-0.44V),
I2(0.54V), Br (1.09V).


The substances on the left side of the half-reactions act as oxidizing agents. Therefore, the oxidizing agents are Al^(3+), Cl₂, Cd^(2+), and I₂.

The strength of an oxidizing agent is directly related to its E° value. In ascending order of strength, the oxidizing agents can be listed as follows:

Al_(−1.66 V)^(3+) < Cd_(−0.4 V)^(2+) < I_(2(0.54 V)) < Cl_(2(1.36 V))

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