chapter 13 Amines Class 12 Chemistry Textbook Solution

4. Answer the following.

ii. What are amines ? How are they classified ?


Amines are nitrogen-containing organic compounds having basic character.

Amine Classification:

  • Amines are categorized into primary (1°), secondary (2°), and tertiary (3°) amines.

ii. Structural Derivation:

  • These amine structures are derived by replacing one, two, or three hydrogen atoms of an NH3 molecule with alkyl or aryl groups.

iii. Secondary and Tertiary Amines Classification:

  • Secondary and tertiary amines can be further divided into simple (symmetrical) amines and mixed (unsymmetrical) amines.

iv. Simple and Mixed Amines:

  • In a simple amine, all alkyl or aryl groups attached to nitrogen are the same. Conversely, if these groups are different, the amine is considered mixed.

v. Major Amine Classes:

  • Amines are also broadly classified into two major categories: aliphatic and aromatic amines, based on the nature of the groups attached to the nitrogen atom.

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