Solid State Class 12 Chemistry Maharashtra Board Textbook Solution

3. Answer the following in brief.

iv. How are the spheres arranged in first layer of simple cubic close-packed structures? How are the successive layers of spheres placed above this layer?


(i) Stacking of square close packed layers :

Stacking of square close packed layers

In this arrangement, the two dimensional AAAA type square closed packed layers are placed one over the other in such a way that the crests of all spheres are in contact with successive layers in all directions. All spheres of different layers are perfectly aligned horizontally and vertically forming unit cells having primitive or simple cubic structure. Since all the layers are identical and if each layer is labelled as layer A, then whole three dimensional crystal lattice will be of AAAA… type.

Each sphere is in contact with six surrounded spheres, hence the coordination number of each sphere is six.

(ii) Stacking of two hexagonal close packed layers :
A close packed three dimensional structure can be generated by arranging hexagonal close packed layers in a particular manner.

In this the spheres of second layer are placed in the depression of the first layer.
In this if first layer is labelled as A then second layer is labelled as B since they are aligned differently.

Two layers of closed packed spheres

In this, all triangular voids of the first layers are not covered by the spheres of the second layer. The triangular voids which are covered by second layer spheres generate tetrahedral void which is surrounded by four spheres. The triangular voids in one layer have above them triangular voids of successive layers.

The overlapping triangular voids from two layers together form an octahedral void which is surrounded by six spheres.

Solid State Class 12 Chemistry Maharashtra Board Textbook Solution