16. GREEN CHEMISTRY AND NANOCHEMISTRY class 12 chemistry Textbook Solution

1. Choose the most correct option.

i. The development that meets the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need is known as
a. Continuous development
b. Sustainable development
c. True development
d. Irrational development

ii. Which of the following is ϒ-isomer of BHC?
a. DDT b. lindane
c. Chloroform
d. Chlorobenzene

iii. The prefix ‘nano’ comes from
a. French word meaning billion
b. Greek word meaning dwarf
c. Spanish word meaning particle
d. Latin word meaning invisible

iv. Which of the following information is given by FTIR technique ?
a. Absorption of functional groups
b. Particle size
c. Confirmation of formation of nanoparticles
d. Crystal structure

v. The concept of green chemistry was coined by
a. Born Haber
b. Nario Taniguchi
c. Richard Feynman
d. Paul T. Anastas

2. Answer the following

i. Write the formula to calculate % atom economy.

ii. Name the ϒ-isomer of BHC.

iii. Ridhima wants to detect structure of surface of materials. Name the
technique she has to use.

iv. Which nanomaterial is used for tyres of car to increase the life of tyres ?

v. Name the scientist who discovered scanning tunneling microscope (STM) in 1980.

vi. 1 nm = …..m ?

3. Answer the following

i. Define (i) Green chemistry (ii) sustainable development.

ii. Explain the role of green chemistry.

iii. Give the full form (long form) of the names for following instruments.
a. XRD b. TEM. c. STM
d. FTIR e. SEM

iv. Define the following terms :
a. Nanoscience
b. Nanotechnology
c. Nanomaterial
d. Nanochemistry

v. How nanotechnology plays an important role in water purification techniques?

vi. Which nanomaterial is used in sunscreen lotion ? Write its use

vii. How will you illustrate the use of safer solvent and auxiliaries ?

viii. Define catalyst. Give two examples.

4. Answer the following

i. Explain any three principles of green chemistry.

ii. Explain atom economy with suitable example.

iii. How will you illustrate the principle, minimization of steps ?

iv. What do you mean by sol and gel?
Describe the sol-gel method of preparation for nanoparticles.

v. Which flower is an example of self cleaning ?